Bug-Fix Release


This release has more pager bug-fixes and heaps more testing.


Many thanks to our new contributors: Doug Stone-Weaver, Ismaël Bouya, Steven Ragnarök

and our regular contributors: Darshit Shah, David Sterba, Pietro Cerutti, Tobias Angele


  • notmuch: Add a fake “Folder” header to viewed emails Ismaël Bouya (@immae)
  • sidebar: consider description when using whitelist Doug Stone-Weaver (@doweaver)
  • forgotten-attachment: Ignore lines matching quote_regexp. Steven Ragnarök (@nuclearsandwich)
  • forgotten-attachment: Fix checking logic. Steven Ragnarök (@nuclearsandwich)
  • forgotten-attachment: Update docs regarding $quote_regexp. Steven Ragnarök (@nuclearsandwich)
  • skip-quoted: skip to body David Sterba (@kdave)
  • nntp: use safe_{fopen,fclose}
  • nntp: fix resource leak

Bug Fixes

  • “inbox” sorting function Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
  • sensible-browser/notmuch changing mailbox
  • overhaul the index/pager updates
  • crash in hdrline
  • remove stray line introduced by pager fix
  • Possible fix for random pager crashes.


  • use a more expressive coverity scan badge Tobias Angele (@toogley)
  • light tidying


  • replace the ugly strfcpy() macro with a function Darshit Shah (darnir)
  • build: Look for tgetent in ncurses, fallback to tinfo only if not found Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
  • build: fix a couple of build warnings
  • travis: install doc dependencies
  • build: fix install/dist/distcheck targets


  • Fix POP3 SASL authentication mechanism DIGEST-MD5. (closes #3862)
  • Add a few explanatory comments to pop_auth_sasl(). (see #3862)
  • Fix GPGME signature zero timestamp and locale awareness issues. (closes #3882)
  • Handle presence of ‘–’ delimiter in $sendmail. (closes #3168)
  • Allow IPv6 literal addresses in URLs. (closes #3681)
  • Fix gpgme segfault in create_recipient_set().
  • Use mutt_strlen and mutt_strncmp in sidebar.c.
  • Change sidebar to only match $folder prefix on a $sidebar_divider_char. (closes #3887)
  • Actually fix gpgme segfault in create_recipient_set().