Bug-Fix Release


This release continues the game of whack-a-mole with bugs in the pager.


Thanks to Philipp Marek (@phmarek) for the debugging that helped find the source of this latest crash.

Bug Fixes

  • don’t crash when the imap connection dies


  • Add root-message function to jump to root message in thread.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Prevent an integer overflow in mutt_mktime() (closes #3880)
  • Fix pager segfault when lineInfo.chunks overflows. (closes #3888)
  • Perform charset conversion on text attachments when piping. (closes #3773) (see #3886)
  • Add a –disable-doc configuration option.
  • Make ncurses and ncursesw header checking the same.
  • Attempt to silence a clang range warning. (closes #3891)
  • Fixed issue from changeset 4da647a80c55. (closes #3892)
  • Define PATH_MAX, it’s missing on the GNU Hurd. (closes #3815)