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  • Six features are now “always built” as part of NeoMutt: sidebar, imap, pop, smtp, compressed, nntp. These features have no build dependencies and don’t add much to the size.
  • New option $history_remove_dups option to remove dups from history ring
  • New index format strings: %zs %zc %zt

Key Bindings

With the config, below, the ‘g’ mapping will not be usable.

bind index g  group-reply
bind index gg first-entry

This is a limitation of Mutt. NeoMutt now warns you if you overwrite key bindings. To fix the warning, first disable the mapping:

bind index g  noop
bind index gg first-entry


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • Warn on bindkey aliasing
  • Drop PATCHES, tidy ‘mutt -v’ output
  • Add %z format strings to index_format
  • Add debug_level/debug_file options

Bug Fixes

  • Fix nntp group selection
  • Fix status color
  • Tidy up S/MIME contrib
  • Do not try to create Maildir if it is an NNTP URI
  • Fix missing NONULL for mutt.set() in Lua


  • Fix German PGP shortkeys


  • Remove feature muttrc files
  • Merge README.notmuch into manual
  • Remove unneded scripts
  • Remove BEWARE and devel-notes.txt
  • Update Makefiles
  • Delete TODO files
  • Remove legacy files
  • Don’t generate vim-neomutt syntax file
  • Remove LaTeX/pdf manual generation
  • Add missing docs for expandos
  • Fix sidebar howto examples
  • Remove some upstream references
  • Drop refs to patches
  • Improve PR template and


  • Fix list items in newbie-tutorial’s Mailing List Guidelines
  • Remove configure options that no longer exist
  • fix newbie tutorial
  • document signing tags / releases
  • config: drop unused paginate command
  • script: split tests up into several
  • convert credits page to markdown
  • simpify 404 page
  • improve newbie tutorial
  • remove help.html and integrate its content elsewhere
  • make: “graphviz” program is needed for generating diagram
  • improve getting started guide // include legacy files
  • dev: add list of architectures/operating systems
  • numerous small fixes


  • Remove typedefs and rename ~130 structs
  • Add separate hcache dir
  • Move crypto files to ncrypt dir
  • Split up mutt.h, protos.h
  • Always build: sidebar, imap, pop, smtp, compressed, nntp
  • Remove –enable-mailtool configure option
  • Make dotlock optional
  • Change gpgme requirement back to 1.1.0
  • Remove
  • Fix safe_calloc args
  • Remove unused macros
  • Remove unused option: SmimeSignOpaqueCommand
  • Move configure-generated files
  • Update distcheck build flags
  • Drop obsolete iconv check
  • Unused prototypes - unsupported systems
  • Drop many configure tests for things defined in POSIX:2001
  • Kill useless crypthash.h file
  • Run clang-format on the code
  • Fail early if ncursesw cannot be found
  • Add names prototype arguments
  • Abbreviate pointer tests against NULL
  • Initialise pointers to NULL
  • Reduce the scope of for loop variables
  • Coverity: fix defects


  • Convert all exec calls to use mutt_envlist(), remove setenv function
  • Note that mbox-hooks are dependent on $move
  • Refresh header color when updating label
  • Remove glibc-specific execvpe() call in sendlib.c
  • Add color commands for the compose menu headers and security status
  • Fix sidebar count updates when closing mailbox
  • Don’t modify LastFolder/CurrentFolder upon aborting a change folder operation
  • Change message modifying operations to additively set redraw flags
  • Improve maildir and mh to report flag changes in mx_check_mailbox()
  • Add $header_color_partial to allow partial coloring of headers
  • Create R_PAGER_FLOW config variable flag
  • Turn IMAP_EXPUNGE_EXPECTED back off when syncing
  • Add $history_remove_dups option to remove dups from history ring
  • Also remove duplicates from the history file
  • Don’t filter new entries when compacting history save file
  • Move the IMAP msn field to IMAP_HEADER_DATA
  • Fix imap expunge to match msn and fix index
  • Fix cmd_parse_fetch() to match against MSN
  • Start fixing imap_read_headers() to account for MSN gaps
  • Add msn_index and max_msn to find and check boundaries by MSN
  • Properly adjust fetch ranges when handling new mail
  • Small imap fetch fixes
  • Don’t abort header cache evaluation when there is a hole
  • Fix mfc overflow check and uninitialized variable
  • Fix potential segv if mx_open_mailbox is passed an empty string
  • Don’t clean up idata when closing an open-append mailbox
  • Don’t clean up msn idata when closing an open-append mailbox
  • Fix memory leak when closing mailbox and using the sidebar
  • Change imap body cache cleanup to use the uid_hash
  • Convert classic s/mime to space delimit findKeys output
  • Add self-encrypt options for PGP and S/MIME
  • Change $postpone_encrypt to use self-encrypt variables first
  • Automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.8.3
  • Add note about message scoring and thread patterns