This is a second bug-fix release It tidies up a few small problems from last week’s release (like the missing ChangeLog :-)

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  • Six features are now “always built” as part of NeoMutt: sidebar, imap, pop, smtp, compressed, nntp. These features have no build dependencies and don’t add much to the size.

Key Bindings

With the config, below, the ‘g’ mapping will not be usable.

bind index g  group-reply
bind index gg first-entry

This is a limitation of Mutt. NeoMutt now warns you if you overwrite key bindings. To fix the warning, first disable the mapping:

bind index g  noop
bind index gg first-entry


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • unbind mappings before overwriting in vim-keys

Bug Fixes

  • latest coverity issues (#624)
  • don’t pass colour-codes to filters
  • Don’t set a colour unless it’s been defined.
  • crash if no from is set or founds
  • ifdef command


  • fix translations
  • fix some remaining translation problems


  • explain binding warnings
  • don’t document unsupported arches


  • fix make git_ver.h
  • allow xsltproc and w3m calls to fail
  • fix make dist


  • Add a mutt_endwin() before invoking $sendmail
  • Restore setenv function
  • Fix tag-prefix to not abort on $timeout
  • Change km_dokey() to return -2 on a timeout/sigwinch
  • Enable TEXTDOMAINDIR override to make translation testing easier
  • Fix “format string is not a string literal” warnings