• Renaming NeoMutt – We’re now fully ‘NeoMutt’ Strings and files have been renamed and the binary is now ‘neomutt’.

  • IMAP Keywords – Apply labels to emails on IMAP Note: This works, but may be subject to change


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • Add IMAP keywords support

Bug Fixes

  • set mbox_type
  • %{fmt} date format
  • Fix off-by-one buffer overflow in add_index_color
  • crash in mbox_to_udomain
  • crash in mutt_substrdup
  • crash looking up mime body type
  • digest_collapse was broken
  • crash using notmuch expando with imap
  • imap: Fix mx.mbox leak in imap_get_parent_path
  • overflow in mutt_mktime()
  • add more range-checking on dates/times
  • Remove spurious error message
  • Unsubscribe after deleting an imap folder
  • Do not pop from MuttrcStack what wasn’t pushed
  • crash using uncolor
  • Sort the folders list when browsing an IMAP server
  • Prefer a helpful error message over a BEEP


  • replace mutt refs with neomutt
  • drop old vim syntax file


  • convert functions to use ‘bool’
  • convert structs to use STAILQ


  • Autosetup-based configuration
  • drop upstream mutt references
  • rename everything ‘mutt’ to ‘neomutt’
  • move helper programs to lib dir
  • rename regexp to regex
  • expand buffers to avoid gcc7 warnings
  • Do not fail if deflate is not in libz
  • Support EXTRA_CFLAGS and EXTRA_LDFLAGS, kill unused variable


  • Remove \Seen flag setting for imap trash
  • Change imap copy/save and trash to sync flags, excluding deleted
  • Improve imap fetch handler to accept an initial UID
  • Display an error message when delete mailbox fails
  • Updated French translation
  • Fix imap sync segfault due to inactive headers during an expunge
  • Close the imap socket for the selected mailbox on error
  • Add missing IMAP_CMD_POLL flag in imap buffy check
  • Change maildir and mh check_mailbox to use dynamic sized hash
  • Fix uses of context->changed as a counter
  • Make cmd_parse_fetch() more precise about setting reopen/check flags
  • Enable $reply_self for group-reply, even with $metoo unset