This release contains a only handful of bug-fixes, but a lot of improvements to the code.


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:

Bug Fixes

  • variable type when using fread
  • prevent timezone overflow
  • tags: Show fake header for all backends
  • notmuch: virtual-mailboxes should accept a limit
  • Fix imap mailbox flag logging
  • fix actions on tagged messages
  • call the folder-hook before saving to $record
  • Fix smart wrap in pager without breaking header
  • Add polling for the IDLE command


  • imap/notmuch tags: Add some documentation
  • English and other cleanups
  • compressed and nntp features are now always built


  • Update Arch instructions


  • Fix update-po
  • Fix neomutt.pot location, remove from git
  • Allow to specify –docdir at configure time
  • Generate neomuttrc even if configured with –disable-doc
  • Let autosetup define PWD, do not unnecessarily try to create hcache dir
  • Use bundled wcscasecmp if an implementation is not found in libc
  • Use host compiler to build the documentation
  • Update autosetup to latest master branch
  • autosetup: delete makedoc on ‘make clean’
  • Fixes for endianness detection
  • Update autosetup to latest master branch
  • Do not use CPPFLAGS / CFLAGS together with CC_FOR_BUILD
  • –enable-everything includes lua
  • autosetup: check for sys_siglist[]


  • move functions to library
  • lib: move MIN/MAX macros
  • simplify null checks
  • kill preproc expansion laziness
  • reduce scope of variables
  • merge: minor code cleanups
  • split up ‘if’ statements that assign and test
  • Refactor: Remove unused return type
  • Bool: change functions in mx.h
  • bool: convert function parameters in nntp.h
  • add extra checks to mutt_pattern_exec()
  • Use safe_calloc to initialize memory, simplify size_t overflow check
  • Move mutt_rename_file to lib/file.[hc]
  • doxygen: fix a few warnings
  • minor code fixes
  • use mutt_array_size()
  • refactor out O_NOFOLLOW
  • initialise variables
  • lib: move List and Queue into library
  • url: make notmuch query string parser generic
  • Wrap dirname(3) inside a mutt_dirname() function