There are a few bug fixes and feature improvements in this release. However, most of the changes have been our work to modernise the code.

Other big news:

  • Arch - NeoMutt’s been promoted from AUR to the Community
  • Debian - The Mutt and NeoMutt packages are completely separate
  • MacPorts - We now have an automatic build system for MacOS
  • Autoconf - This is the last release with autotools


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • Enhance ifdef feature to support my_ vars
  • Add <edit-or-view-raw-message>
  • Remove vim syntax file from the main repo
  • Support reading FQDN from mailname files

Bug Fixes

  • Do not turn CRLF into LF when dealing with transfer-encoding=base64
  • Cleanup “SSL is unavailable” error in mutt_conn_find
  • Don’t clear the macro buffer during startup
  • Fixup smart modify-labels-then-hide for !tag case
  • Add sleep after SMTP error
  • Restore folder settings after folder-hook
  • Fix segfault when pipe’ing a deleted message


  • Display_filter escape sequence
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Add a sentence to quasi-delete docs
  • Modify gpg.rc to accommodate GPG 2.1 changes


  • Fix build for RHEL6
  • Define NCURSES_WIDECHAR to require wide-char support from ncurses
  • Autosetup: fix check for missing sendmail
  • Respect –with-ssl path
  • Check that OpenSSL md5 supports -r before using it
  • Autosetup: expand –everything in neomutt -v
  • Make sure objects are not compiled before git_ver.h is generated
  • Build: fix update-po target
  • Fix out-of-tree builds
  • Fix stdout + stderr redirection in
  • Build: moved the check for idn before the check for notmuch
  • Define prefix in Makefile.autosetup
  • Install stuff to $(PACKAGE) in $(libexecdir), not $(libdir)
  • Update autosetup to latest master


  • Rename files
  • Rename functions
  • Rename variables
  • Rename constants
  • Remove unused parameters
  • Document functions
  • Rearrange functions
  • Move functions to libraries
  • Add new library functions
  • Rearrange switch statements
  • Boolification
  • Drop #ifdef DEBUG
  • Fix Coverity defects
  • Insert braces
  • Split ifs
  • Fallthrough
  • Fix shadow variable
  • Replace mutt_debug with a macro
  • Return early where possible


  • Note which ssl config vars are GnuTLS or OpenSSL only
  • Add message count to $move quadoption prompt
  • Add %R (number of read messages) for $status_format
  • Add $change_folder_next option to control mailbox suggestion order
  • Fix $smart_wrap to not be disabled by whitespace-prefixed lines
  • Remove useless else branch in the $smart_wrap code
  • Fix ansi escape sequences with both reset and color parameters