• Our website is now: (HTTPS, no ‘www’)
  • The “easy tasks” we introduced have been a great success. Have a look


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • echo command
  • Add $browser_abbreviate_mailboxes
  • Add ~M pattern to match mime Content-Types
  • Add support for multipart/multilingual emails
  • Jump to a collapsed email
  • Add support for idn2 (IDNA2008)

Bug Fixes

  • Let mutt_ch_choose report conversion failure
  • minor IMAP string handling fixes


  • Chinese (Simplified) (100%)
  • Czech (100%)
  • German (100%)
  • Lithuanian (62%)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (100%)

Coverity defects

  • match prototypes to their functions
  • make logic clearer
  • reduce scope of variables
  • fix coverity defects


  • development: analysis
  • development: easy tasks
  • development: roadmap


  • start refactoring libconn
  • split out progress functions
  • split out window functions
  • split out terminal setting
  • convert MyVars to use TAILQ
  • split mutt_file_{lock,unlock}
  • Move IDN version string to mutt/idna.c
  • refactor: init_locale()
  • Eliminate static variable in mutt_file_dirname


  • test int functions against 0
  • rename lots of constants
  • rename lots of functions
  • sort lots of fields/definitions


  • Increase account.user/login size to 128
  • Fix comparison of flags with multiple bits set
  • Change mutt_error call in mutt_gpgme_set_sender() to dprint
  • Improve the error message when a signature is missing
  • pager specific “show incoming mailboxes list” macro
  • Improve gss debug printing of status_string
  • Remove trailing null count from gss_buffer_desc.length field
  • Add a comment in auth_gss about RFCs and null-termination
  • Change prompt string for $crypt_verify_sig