Mostly tidying up this month, plus:

  • Stronger checks on PGP decryption
  • Tool ‘pgpring’ dropped – It was only useful for 20-year-old versions of PGP
  • Add doxygen docs for more functions (total 1829: 82%) -


Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:


  • Expand variables inside backticks
  • Honour SASL-IR IMAP capability in SASL PLAIN

Bug Fixes

  • Fix toggle-read
  • Do not truncate shell commands on ; or #
  • pager: index must be rebuilt on MUTT_REOPENED
  • Handle a BAD response in AUTH PLAIN w/o initial response
  • fcc_attach: Don’t ask every time
  • Enlarge path buffers PATH_MAX (4096)
  • Move LSUB call from connection establishment to mailbox SELECTion


  • Update Chinese (Simplified): 100%
  • Update Czech: 100%
  • Update German: 100%
  • Update Lithuanian: 100%
  • Update Portuguese (Brazil): 100%
  • Update Slovak: 59%
  • Reduce duplication of messages


  • Tidy up the mailbox API
  • Tidy up the header cache API
  • Tidy up the encryption API
  • Add doxygen docs for more functions
  • Refactor more structs to use STAILQ