:book: Notes

More bug-fixing (not much else to say).

:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:

:gift: Features

  • Add raw mailsize expando (%cr)

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Avoid double question marks in bounce confirmation msg
  • Fix bounce confirmation
  • fix new-mail flags and behaviour
  • fix: browser <descend-directory>
  • fix ssl crash
  • fix move to trash
  • fix flickering
  • Do not check hidden mailboxes for new mail
  • Fix new_mail_command notifications
  • fix crash in examine_mailboxes()
  • fix crash in mutt_sort_threads()
  • fix: crash after sending
  • Fix crash in tunnel’s conn_close
  • fix fcc for deep dirs
  • imap: fix crash when new mail arrives
  • fix colour ‘quoted9’
  • quieten messages on exit
  • fix: crash after failed mbox_check
  • browser: default to a file/dir view when attaching a file

:wrench: Changed Config

  • Change $write_bcc to default off

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :brazil: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 92% :poland: Polish

:books: Docs

  • Add a bit more documentation about sending
  • Clarify $write_bcc documentation.
  • Update documentation for raw size expando
  • docbook: set generate.consistent.ids to make generated html reproducible

:building_construction: Build

  • fix build/tests for 32-bit arches
  • tests: fix test that would fail soon
  • tests: fix context for failing idna tests