:book: Notes

It’s been nearly six months since our last release, but we’ve been really busy. We’ve made over 500 commits and attracted lots of new contributors.

There are lots of ways you could help NeoMutt. Or perhaps you could buy @flatcap a beer :smile:

Compose Multi-part Emails

Composing multi-part emails is easier than ever.

Compose shows you the layout of your attachments and allows you to make and break groups, and reorder the parts in an understandable way.

More details…


For the last few releases, the colours have been neglected. Now, they should be working correctly again.

:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:

:gift: Features

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fix screen mode after attempting decryption
  • imap: increase max size of oauth2 token
  • Fix autocrypt
  • Unify Alias/Query workflow
  • Fix colours
  • Say which file exists when saving attachments
  • Force SMTP authentication if smtp_user is set
  • Fix selecting the right email after limiting
  • Make sure we have enough memory for a new email
  • Don’t overwrite with zeroes after unlinking the file
  • Fix crash when forwarding attachments
  • Fix help reformatting on window resize
  • Fix poll to use PollFdsCount and not PollFdsLen
  • regex: range check arrays strictly
  • Fix Coverity defects
  • Fix out of bounds write with long log lines
  • Apply fast_reply to ‘to’, ‘cc’, or ‘bcc’
  • Prevent warning on empty emails

:wrench: Changed Config

  • New default: set rfc2047_parameters = yes

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :de: German
  • 100% :lithuania: Lithuanian
  • 100% :serbia: Serbian
  • 100% :czech_republic: Czech
  • 100% :tr: Turkish
  • 72% :hungary: Hungarian

:books: Docs

  • Improve header cache explanation
  • Improve description of some notmuch variables
  • Explain how timezones and !s work inside %{}, %[] and %()
  • Document config synonyms and deprecations

:building_construction: Build

  • Create lots of GitHub Actions
  • Drop TravisCI
  • Add automated Fuzzing tests
  • Add automated ASAN tests
  • Create Dockers for building Centos/Fedora
  • Build fixes for Solaris 10
  • New libraries: browser, enter, envelope
  • New configure options: --fuzzing --debug-color --debug-queue

:gear: Code

  • Split Index/Pager GUIs/functions
  • Add lots of function dispatchers
  • Eliminate menu_loop()
  • Refactor function opcodes
  • Refactor cursor setting
  • Unify Alias/Query functions
  • Refactor Compose/Envelope functions
  • Modernise the Colour handling
  • Refactor the Attachment View
  • Eliminate the global Context
  • Upgrade mutt_get_field()
  • Refactor the color quoted code
  • Fix lots of memory leaks
  • Refactor Index resolve code
  • Refactor PatternList parsing
  • Refactor Mailbox freeing
  • Improve key mapping
  • Factor out charset hooks
  • Expose mutt_file_seek API
  • Improve API of strto* wrappers

:recycle: Upstream

  • imap QRESYNC fixes
  • Allow an empty To: address prompt
  • Fix argc==0 handling
  • Don’t queue IMAP close commands
  • Fix IMAP UTF-7 for code points >= U+10000
  • Don’t include inactive messages in msgset generation