:book: Notes

This is a Bug-Fix Release.

After last week’s enormous release, it’s a great relief that few bugs have been found.

The biggest change in this release is the colour handling. I’d hoped the last release would be a stepping stone to improved colour handling. Lots of you explained, in detail, how that wasn’t the case.


All colours should now work correctly. In particular, “default” means transparent.

# Emails with subject "work" are blue
color index blue    default "~s work"

# Emails from "boss" have background red
color index default red     "~f boss"

Emails that match both conditions will be blue with a red background. Before this release, only the last matching color line would be applied.

If you have any questions, please:

:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our regular contributors:

and our valiant testers:

:lock: Security

  • Fix uudecode buffer overflow (CVE-2022-1328)

:gift: Features

  • Colours, colours, colours

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Pager: fix pager_stop
  • Merge colours with normal
  • Color: disable mono command
  • Fix forwarding text attachments when honor_disposition is set
  • Pager: drop the nntp change-group bindings
  • Use mailbox_check flags coherently, add IMMEDIATE flag
  • Fix: tagging in attachment list
  • Fix: misalignment of mini-index
  • Make sure to update the menu size after a resort

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :hungary: Hungarian

:building_construction: Build

  • Update acutest

:gear: Code

  • Unify pipe functions
  • Index: notify if navigation fails
  • Gui: set colour to be merged with normal
  • Fix: leak in tls_check_one_certificate()

:recycle: Upstream

  • Flush iconv() in mutt_convert_string()
  • Fix integer overflow in mutt_convert_string()
  • Fix uudecode cleanup on unexpected eof