:book: Notes

This is a big release and a lot has changed.

If you find any problems, please let us know as soon as you can.

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:gem: Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors:

:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

and our regular contributors:

:gift: Features

  • Use DT_SLIST for charset variables
  • Support viewing html with embedded images
  • Account command, see the feature page
  • Check that sendmail and inews don’t contain shell meta characters
  • Browser: add mailbox_folder_format config variable
  • Enter: add function kill-whole-line
  • Account command: add macOS keychain sample provider
  • Account command: add GPG+JSON sample provider
  • Expose italics attribute for colour scheme
  • Allow source in hooks to point to relative paths
  • Resolve alternates when subscribing/unsubscribing
  • Notmuch: allow specifying configuration file
  • Notmuch: allow usage of notmuch profiles
  • Add GNU SASL support for authentication (--gsasl configure option)
  • Extend colour objects to support patterns
  • Detect and fixup maildirs with missing “new” and “tmp” directories
  • Generate standard MIME types as application/pkcs7-* instead of legacy application/x-pkcs7-*
  • Compose: add Smime: pseudo header
  • Handle more X-Mutt pseudo-headers with edit_headers
  • Use socket_timeout to time out read/write operations
  • Allow %[fmt] in $folder_format
  • Respect attribution_locale in indent_string and post_indent_string
  • Pattern: add ~K to search Bcc, include Bcc in ~C, %C, ~L, and ~p
  • Colour postponed emails list
  • Allow querying user-defined variables ($my_var) with -Q
  • Dump user-defined variables ($my_var) with -D
  • Generate purely random Message-ID headers
  • Allow an empty sidebar_divider_char
  • Fix handling and display of group addresses

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fix status_on_top to work on complex windows, e.g., attach
  • Imap: fix off-by-one error causing bogus “Progress message 10/9” message
  • Attach: fix segfault when viewing HTML attachment in compose mode
  • Allow for longer expansions in e.g., index_format
  • Accept unpadded base64-encoded data, as some mailers produce
  • Fix hangup when trying to add email address from help screens
  • Handle corrupted header caches
  • Fix slowdown when changing folders
  • Improve error detection for invalid color regexes
  • Distinguish between old/new with mark_old unset
  • Parse mboxes with unconventional From lines
  • Fix hostname detection for hostname ending with a “.”
  • Fix truncated SMTP lines in case of very long lines
  • Use smime_sign_as instead of pgp_sign_as when signing S/MIME messages
  • Set smime_sign_as instead of smime_default_key when signing
  • Fix wrong message being marked as read with $pager_read_delay = 1
  • Fix negative new-mail count on maildir
  • Skip zero width non-joiner character in the pager
  • Handle text/vcard as not being an attachment, same as for text/x-vcard
  • Fix hdr_order not sorting last header correctly
  • Make exiting via SIGINT more graceful
  • Fix unhook index-format-hook
  • Send: delete signature when sending fails
  • SMTP: try all available methods even if SASL is not compiled in
  • Fix decryption issue when postponing S/MIME encrypted mails
  • Avoid unnecessary refreshes
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks and crashes

:wrench: Changed Config

  • New
    • $account_command - Shell command to retrieve account credentials
    • $mailbox_folder_format - printf-like format string for the browser’s display of mailbox folders
    • $nm_config_file - Configuration file for notmuch. Use ‘auto’ to detect configuration.
    • $nm_config_profile - Configuration profile for notmuch.
  • Renamed for consistency (old names still work)
    • $ask_follow_up -> $ask_followup_to
    • $attribution -> $attribution_intro
    • $connect_timeout -> $socket_timeout
    • $implicit_autoview -> $implicit_auto_view
    • $message_cachedir -> $message_cache_dir
    • $post_indent_string -> $attribution_trailer
    • $tmpdir -> $tmp_dir
    • sidebar_whitelist -> sidebar_pin
    • unsidebar_whitelist -> sidebar_unpin
  • Changed default
    • attach_format = "%u%D%I %t%4n %T%d %> [%.7m/%.10M, %.6e%?C?, %C?, %s] " More space for the attachment filename
    • sidebar_divider_char = "|" Allow an empty divider char
  • Deprecated
    • $vfolder_format use $folder_format

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :czech_republic: Czech
  • 100% :de: German
  • 100% :hungary: Hungarian
  • 100% :lithuania: Lithuanian
  • 100% :brazil: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 100% :serbia: Serbian
  • 100% :slovakia: Slovak
  • 100% :tr: Turkish
  • 99% :es: Spanish
  • 99% :ukraine: Ukrainian
  • 94% :poland: Polish
  • 72% Catalan

:books: Docs

  • Lots of updates and cleanups

:building_construction: Build

  • Support building with Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer (--ubsan configure option)
  • Generate compile_commands.json (--compile-commands configure option)
  • Use pkg-config to locate most of the 3rd party dependencies
  • Fix curses for netbsd
  • Improve our CI stack
  • Create libparse - parsing functions that can be easily tested
  • Refactor commands / icommands

:gear: Code

  • Lots of refactoring to make the code more organized, especially in these areas: windowing, menu, browser, enter, function dispatching, key handling, auto-completion
  • Fewer global variables
  • Removal of some unmaintained contrib code
  • New maintained sample config and examples are in the data directory
  • The contrib script mutt_oauth2.py received a lot of love