:book: Notes

This is a fixed version of last week’s release. Sorry about that.

Some bug fixes and one big feature :-)

True Colour support.

To enable this, you need to export TERM=xterm-direct (shell) and set color_directcolor = yes (neomutt).

Then you can use RGB hex colours in your config:

color status #ffffff #ff8080
color index  #80c000 #007890 apple

:gem: Sponsors

P M Brown
Scott Kostyshak
Ander Punnar
Mark Korondi
Igor Serebryany

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:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

our regular contributors:

:gift: Features

  • #3699 - Support 24bit colors, aka truecolor
  • #3738 - Show complete MIME structure in attachments
  • #3842 - Allow percentages to be localized

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • #3813 - Fix crash in op_browser_subscribe
  • #3844 - Select the first email when coming from an empty limit
  • #3848 - Fix counting new mails in maildir
  • Fix sorting of labels

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :serbia: Serbian
  • 100% :tr: Turkish
  • 100% :lithuania: Lithuanian
  • 100% :hungary: Hungarian
  • 100% :de: German
  • 99% :norway: Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • 99% :slovakia: Slovak
  • 99% :brazil: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 99% :czech_republic: Czech
  • 95% :fr: French

:building_construction: Build

  • #3798 - Build with libidn2 by default, remove support for libidn1

:gear: Code

  • config: dynamically create/delete variables
  • config: unify handling of NeoMutt and user (my_) variables
  • config: cache config variables used often
  • speed: various speedups in parsing emails
  • cleanups: lots of code cleanups