:book: Notes

Just a small release, this time.

Behind the scenes, I added a lot of tests for the colour code. This revealed a handful of bugs that needed fixing. Whilst testing, I converted some debug code to create the :color command. Maybe not that useful, but it’s quite pretty :smile:

Also new, the information screens like :set allow you to save their contents with s (<save-message>).

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Ander Punnar
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Martin Spendiff

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:heart: Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors:

our regular contributors:

:gift: Features

  • #4080 - info screen: enable <save-entry>
  • #4075 - add color command
  • color: add ANSI RGB support
  • color: Support ANSI 2x clear sequences

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • #4074 - color: fix palette conversion
  • #4081 - fix logging on error
  • #4081 - log: vim-style
  • #4082 - fix file auto-completion
  • #4090 - improve logic for growing mailbox memory

:black_flag: Translations

  • 100% :czech_republic: Czech
  • 100% :de: German
  • 100% :lithuania: Lithuanian
  • 100% :serbia: Serbian
  • 100% :slovakia: Slovak
  • 100% :tr: Turkish

:building_construction: Build

  • #4085 - fix CFLAGS/LDFLAGS for ncurses
  • #4085 - configure –with-iconv

:gear: Code

  • #4067 - remove unused count of new mails from index private data
  • #4086 - smtp: Simplify the API of smtp_code()
  • #4091 - simplify CLAMP by expressing it with MIN/MAX
  • color: introduce ColorElement
  • color: log gui info on startup
  • color: move business logic out of parsers
  • color: tidy OptNoCurses cases
  • log: add log_multiline()
  • test: increase coverage