IRC – #neomutt

How to run an IRC channel

Useful commands to help run our IRC channel irc://

Getting started

Register Nick:

Before you can become a channel operator, you need to register your nick. This will prevent other people from impersonating you.

/msg nickserv register <password> <email>

Then validate your email address. Each time you connect to the server, you can then identify yourself:

/msg nickserv identify <password>

Register Channel:

Registering a channel prevents others taking it over when you’re not present.

/msg chanserv register #<channel>

User privs

Show User Privs:

Print a list of users who can administer the channel:

/msg chanserv access #<channel> list

Set User Privs:

First, get a list of available flags:

/msg chanserv help flags

Then set flags on a user:

  • +” Add privs
  • -” Remove privs
  • *” All privs (except Founder)
/msg chanserv flags #<channel> <username> +*F
/msg chanserv flags #<channel> <username> -OV

Channel privs

Show Channel Privs:

/msg chanserv info #<channel>

Set Channel Privs:

/msg chanserv set #<channel> url <url>
/msg chanserv set #<channel> email <email>

Managing the channel

Op User: (take operator privs)

/msg chanserv op #<channel> <username>

Deop User: (drop operator privs)

/msg chanserv deop #<channel> <username>

Change Topic: (as an operator)


Kick: (as an operator)

/kick <username>

Ban: (as an operator)

/mode #<channel> +b <filter>

Where the filter is of the form: nick!user@host (with “*” as a wildcard).

Mute non-registered users

Quieten (no voice) for all non-registered nicks:

/mode #neomutt +q $~a

Give voice to all non-registered nicks:

/mode #neomutt -q $~a

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