This is a Work in Progress

Reviewing Issues

When feedback is needed


Important points:

  • We don’t want people to waste their time, either
    • writing code we don’t want
    • duplicating the work of others

For most new work some discussion is needed first.

  • What do you want to change?
  • Why is that needed?
  • What’s the best way to do it?

You can get approval from:

Who gives approval?

Don’t need approval for:

  • Fixing bugs (assign yourself before you start)
  • Altering documentation
  • Adding to the website
  • Adding comment blocks
  • Updating translations


  • We want to know what’s going on, so we can plan releases
  • People need a little freedom to experiment before others express their opinions

When does a user want:

  • Feedback?
  • Review?
  • Merge?

Scenario – NeoMutt member

Coder has an idea

Open issue 123

  • Coder: “I’d like to…”
  • Reviewer: “OK, that’s a good idea”

Create branch in neomutt repo, either:

  • /issue/123
  • /devel/feature-name


  • write code
  • push code (automatic Travis build)
  • repeat

When code is ready for public scrutiny…

Create pull request

  • Coder: “This relates to #123” (linking issue and PR)
  • A.N.Other: “feedback”
  • code
  • repeat

When code is ready for review…

  • Comment: “@neomutt/reviewers please review”
  • Reviewer 1: “change this”
  • code
  • Reviewer 1: “approved”
  • Reviewer 2: “approved”

When code is ready for merge…

  • Reviewer: merge code

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