This is a Work in Progress

Make a Release

All the steps to make a NeoMutt release

This will eventually be a complete guide to making a release of NeoMutt.


NeoMutt’s current development plan is to follow each feature release with a stabilising bug-fix release.

  • 3 weeks of feature development
  • 1 week of bug-fixing / stabilisation


  • 1 week heads up to dev mailing list
  • Coming soon – list of features to users mailing list
  • Merge mutt upstream
  • Merge translations


Check these repos for contributors to thank:

  • neomutt
  • gentoo-neomutt
  • aur-build
  • homebrew-neomutt

Check translators for credits

Commit/issue list

  • git log
  • list of milestone issues


  • Update README.neomutt
  • Invite new members
  • Update my alias list with all contributors
  • Update .mailmap for all contributors (even if it’s just a personal list)


  • Update guide
  • Update man pages
  • Update
  • Update “since” date on new features


  • template-changelog.txt
  • template-dev-ml.txt
  • template-github.txt
  • template-rpm.txt
  • template-user-ml.txt
  • template-website.txt


  • Update references to version numbers
    • YYYYDDMM, 1.8.0
  • ChangeLog.neomutt
  • (fix date)
  • Update neomuttrc.vim with new variables, etc.
  • Update po files



  • git fetch github
  • ./
  • Build (work cleanly)
    • make
    • make dist
    • make distcheck
    • make install
    • make unintall
    • make validate-docs
    • make -C po
  • push to coverity
    • review coverity results
    • fix coverity defects
  • need to be done before the day


Add a signed tag build (don’t use my script)



  • make dist -> tar
  • diff against mutt-1.8.0
    • test patch apply
    • test build
  • filter diff
  • create checksum


  • Generate release
  • Upload assets


Fedora COPR

  • Update spec
    • version number
    • changelog
  • build
  • test install

MacOS – Homebrew

  • update Formula
  • push


  • Update Manifest
  • push

Arch (AUR)

  • Update
  • push to BOTH neomutt and AUR


GitHub Release

  • /cc @neomutt/downstream-packagers

Website News

Install new version of NeoMutt, then send emails using it. “User Agent:” should show the new version: Email

  • neomutt-users mailing list
  • neomutt-devel mailing list
  • New users with a link to their name in the credits
  • Translators – send them new po files

Update IRC topic

  • /topic Version: 2018-06-22 | “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks” - | Twitter: | Mailing lists: | Code of Conduct: Twitter


  • Update milestones
    • next-release -> release-YYYY-MM-DD
    • delayed -> next-release
    • create “delayed”
  • GitHub: delete old branches
  • Merge delayed issues

Leftover notes

change naming from YYYYMMDD to YYYY-MM-DD?

update release credits n commits by m users (p new users) list of new list of returnees

automate GitHub release tag, push, create release, push, assets, checksum

reference neomutt repo and neomutt tagline in README

committer date = author date

fix annotated tag at 09:00 GIT_AUTHOR_DATE GIT_COMMITTER_DATE

release repo for notes and scripts

check of HCACHEVER has changed, notify if it has

Check notes, emails, etc. for promises

release link new feature to web page

release branch to queue up changes for the release commit


Task Description
Authors Give credit to everyone who's contributed
Build Testing Perform tests on the code
Commits Make the Release commits branch
Coverity Run static checks on the code
Distros Update / Notify downstream Distros
Doxygen Update the Code Docs
Mailmap Update the Git Mailmap
Makefiles Tidy the Makefiles
Mirrors Sync our mirror repos
Notifications Let everyone know about the new release
Release Notes Generating the Release Notes
Tagging Tagging the git repos
Translations Updating the translations
Upstream Merge Upstream Changes
Vim Syntax Update the Vim syntax highlighting
Web Guide Update the online NeoMutt Guide

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