Update the Code Docs

Doxygen turns specially-formatted code comments into documentation.

Repos needed:

Test the Code

First, check the code for any problems in the Doxygen comments, such as undocumented parameters or functions.

  • Check for any undocumented functions ../management/doxygen/

  • Generate basic code docs doxygen doxygen/doxygen.conf

Web Docs

To generate the full docs, first create a [doxygen] branch in the neomutt repo.


Next, fully build the code-docs. This will require graphviz to be installed. It will take quite a while to complete.



Check some of the pages to make sure things went well:

  • html/index.html Note: You may see /> /> />, this can be ignored

  • html/pages.html All the pages should be in libraries

  • html/config_vars.html All the config variables should be documented


Once the documentation has been built and checked, it can be pushed to the website. Push the branch to GitHub and the rest will be handled by Travis.

git push --set-upstream origin doxygen

Check the results of the build:

For more info read: Deployment using Travis

Check the Results

The number of files in the code docs means that it takes GitHub quite a while to update the website (maybe 20-30 minutes).

Check the version number in the header bar of the Code Docs

Check some of the pages to make sure things went well:

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