Let everyone know about the new release

After the Release has been made on GitHub, it’s time to let everyone know:

  • Developers’ Mailing List
  • Users’ Mailing List
  • Downstream Packagers
  • IRC
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • New Users

Mailing Lists

These notification emails should be sent using the new version of NeoMutt. (Ideally, with $user_agent set)

Our two mailing lists get sent slightly different version of the release announcement. First, tidy some of the Markdown.

  • Replace ** with * (that’s enough emphasis for email)
  • Strip out \ (escaping backslashes)

Mail the Developers: Neomutt Developers <>

Next, strip out the sections mentioning Code, Build, Source, Upstream.

Mail the Users: Neomutt Users <>

Downstream Packagers

Directly notify the downstream packagers using their team discussion board:

They can also be notified by mentioning them in Issues or PRs.

  • /cc @neomutt/downstream-packagers


Update IRC topic:

/msg chanserv op #neomutt flatcap
/topic Version: YYYY-MM-DD | "Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks" - | Twitter: | Mailing lists: | Code of Conduct:
/msg chanserv deop #neomutt flatcap


Cut’n’paste the GitHub announcement into the repo.

The file should be named _post/ Give it a YAML header:

author: flatcap
title: Release YYYY-MM-DD   

Commit and push the change to GitHub.

git add _post
git commit --all --message "NeoMutt YYYY-MM-DD"
git push origin

Twitter (@NeoMutt_org)

Strip down the release message to the bare essentials and link to the current release:

New Users

After the release, send each of the new contributors a ‘Thank You’ message containing a link to the GitHub Release Notes.

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