Update the Git Mailmap

The .mailmap file provides a lookup table for committers’ names. We use it to show the preferred name, email address and GitHub username.

Repos needed:

File formats

We store data in two files in the management repo.

  1. git/neomutt.txt – Everyone that has directly contributed to NeoMutt

The data is <tab>-separated. The first line is the preferred style of full name and preferred email address. Add one line for every address, exactly as it’s stored in git. If the user doesn’t have a GitHub account, put NONE in that column.



Richard Russon        flatcap
        Richard Russon <>
        Richard Russon (DEPLOY) <>
  1. git/mutt.txt – All the users whose work we’ve adopted from upstream

The Mutt data doesn’t store the GitHub username, but is otherwise the same.



Kevin McCarthy
        Kevin McCarthy <>

Finding Names

This needs to be repeated for all of the NeoMutt repos except upstream, mirrors, etc.

Ignore these repos:

First, take a copy of git/mailmap-name-nick from the management repo. Edit all the NeoMutt contributors, prefixing each line with EXISTS . Now change your git settings (~/.gitconfig) to use that mailmap.

    file = /PATH/TO/mailmap-name-nick

In each repo, use git shortlog to generate a list of credits.

git shortlog --summary --email | grep -v -e UPSTREAM -e EXISTS

For each person in the list, we need to add an entry to one of our data files. The neomutt repo, can contain commits from upstream Mutt. This means we’ll have to find out what the user did, to know which data file to use.

git log -n1 --author "STRING FROM SHORTLOG"

Using the commit hash, examine the change, or look at the context of the change in the log. Almost all upstream commits will be in separate branches.

git log --oneline --graph


Finally, generate the mailmap files using the scripts provided and commit the changes.

cd management/git
for i in *.sh; do ./$i > ${}; done
git commit --all --message "update mailmaps"

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