Make the Release commits branch

Once all the preparation work has been completed, it’s time to make the actual Release.

  • version YYYY-MM-DD
  • update contributors
  • changelog
  • sync translations

Bump Version Number

Using today’s date and the Release Notes, update:

  • auto.def
  • doxygen/doxygen.conf

For this Release, we are changing the format of the version string, from neomutt-YYYYMMDD to YYYY-MM-DD.

Last-Minute Updates

Create a branch, [rel] for any late changes:

  • Check for any new contributors
  • Run clang-format
  • Check the build (using [release] branch)
  • Sync translations (make update-po) (and update release date in *.po)

Merge into Master

Merge the release changes into main and create a signed tag. This tag marks the actual release of NeoMutt.

git checkout main
git merge --no-ff rel --message "NeoMutt $(date +%F)"
git tag -s $(date +%F) -m "NeoMutt release $(date +%F)"
git push --tags origin main

GitHub Release

Create a new Release on GitHub using the new tag. Use the Release Notes, prepared earlier.

  • Download GitHub’s .tar.gz and .zip source packages
  • Create checksum for the source
  • Create detached signatures for the source
  • Add the check files to the Release as assets

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