Give credit to everyone who’s contributed

Keep a list of everyone who has directly contributed to the NeoMutt project. First check that the mailmap file, in the management repo, is up-to-date.

Repos needed:


There are three files to update, in two repos:

Repos to Check

Ideally, we should check all of NeoMutt’s repos for new contributors. In practice, only a handful are active, especially:

Some repos (upstream, mirrors, etc) should be ignored: in the neomutt repo has the format:

[Richard Russon]( "flatcap"),

Any contributors that don’t have a GitHub account have the format:

Rubén Llorente,

:spiral_notepad: Note: Space characters in the author’s name are replaced with 0xA0 Non-Breaking Spaces.

There’s a script in the management repo to generate this list. in the neomutt repo contains a link to

When has been changed, update the number of contributors in the link. (here, it’s 167):

[![Contributors](] in the repo has the same format as

[Richard Russon]( "flatcap"),

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