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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CAddressAn email address
 CAliasA shortcut for an email address
 CAnsiAttrAn ANSI escape sequence
 CAttachCtxA set of attachments
 CAttachMatchAn attachment matching a regex
 CAttachPtrAn email to which things will be attached
 CB64ContextCursor for the Base64 conversion
 CBindingMapping between a user key and a function
 CBodyThe body of an email
 CBodyCacheLocal cache of email bodies
 CBrowserStateState of the file/mailbox browser
 CBufferString manipulation buffer
 CCfgAccountAccount-local config items
 CChildCtxKeep track of the children of an article
 CColorLineA regular expression and a color to highlight a line
 CCommandA user-callable command
 CCompileOptionsList of built-in capabilities
 CComposeRedrawDataKeep track when the compose screen needs redrawing
 CCompressInfoPrivate data for compress
 CConfigDefConfig item definition
 CConfigSetContainer for lots of config items
 CConfigSetTypeType definition for a config item
 CConnAccountLogin details for a remote server
 CConnectionAn open network connection (socket)
 CContentInfo about an attachment
 CContentStateInfo about the body of an email
 CContextThe "current" mailbox
 CCoordScreen coordinates
 CCryptCacheInternal cache for GPGME
 CCryptEntryAn entry in the Select-Key menu
 CCryptKeyInfoA stored PGP key
 CCryptModuleSpecsCrypto API
 CDnArrayAn X500 Distinguished Name
 CEmailThe envelope/body of an email
 CEmailCacheHeader cache structure
 CEnrichedStateState of enriched-text parser
 CEnterStateKeep our place when entering a string
 CEntryAn entry in a selectable list of Query's
 CEnvelopeThe header of an email
 CEtagsEnriched text tags
 CEventAn event such as a keypress
 CFetchCtxKeep track when getting data from a server
 CFgetConvCursor for converting a file's encoding
 CFgetConvNotA dummy converter
 CFlowedStateState of a Format-Flowed line of text
 CFolderA folder/dir in the browser
 CFolderFileBrowser entry representing a folder/dir
 CGroupA set of email addresses
 CGroupContextA set of Groups
 CHashA Hash Table
 CHashElemThe item stored in a Hash Table
 CHashKeyThe data item stored in a HashElem
 CHashWalkStateCursor to iterate through a Hash Table
 CHcacheDbCtxBerkeley DB context
 CHcacheLmdbCtxLMDB context
 CHcacheOpsHeader Cache API
 CHdrFormatInfoData passed to index_format_str()
 CHistorySaved list of user-entered commands/searches
 CHookA list of user hooks
 CImapAccountDataIMAP-specific Account data -
 CImapAuthIMAP authentication multiplexor
 CImapCacheIMAP-specific message cache
 CImapCommandIMAP command structure
 CImapEmailDataIMAP-specific Email data -
 CImapHeaderIMAP-specific header
 CImapListItems in an IMAP browser
 CImapMboxDataIMAP-specific Mailbox data -
 CInheritanceAn inherited config item
 CKeymapA keyboard mapping
 CLineA line of text in the pager
 CListNodeA List node for strings
 CLogLineA Log line
 CLookupRegex to String lookup table
 CMailboxA mailbox
 CMailboxNodeList of Mailboxes
 CMaildirA Maildir mailbox
 CMaildirMboxDataMaildir-specific Mailbox data -
 CMappingMapping between user-readable string and a constant
 CMboxAccountDataMbox-specific Account data -
 CMbTableMultibyte character table
 CMd5CtxCursor for the MD5 hashing
 CMenuGUI selectable list of items
 CMessageA local copy of an email
 CMhSequencesSet of MH sequence numbers
 CMimeNamesMIME name lookup entry
 CMixChainA Mixmaster chain
 CMonitorA watch on a file
 CMonitorInfoInformation about a monitored file
 CMUpdateStore of new offsets, used by mutt_sync_mailbox()
 CMuttFileIterState record for mutt_file_iter_line()
 CMuttThreadAn email conversation
 CMuttWindowA division of the screen
 CMxOpsThe Mailbox API
 CMyVarA user-set variable
 CNewsrcEntryAn entry in a .newsrc (subscribed newsgroups)
 CNmAccountDataNotmuch-specific Account data -
 CNmEmailDataNotmuch-specific Email data -
 CNmMboxDataNotmuch-specific Mailbox data -
 CNntpAcacheNNTP article cache
 CNntpAccountDataNNTP-specific Account data -
 CNntpEmailDataNNTP-specific Email data -
 CNntpMboxDataNNTP-specific Mailbox data -
 CPagerAn email being displayed
 CPagerRedrawDataKeep track when the pager needs redrawing
 CParameterAttribute associated with a MIME part
 CPatternA simple (non-regex) pattern
 CPatternCacheCache commonly-used patterns
 CPatternFlagsMapping between user character and internal constant
 CPgpCacheList of cached PGP keys
 CPgpCommandContextData for a PGP command
 CPgpEntryAn entry in a PGP key menu
 CPgpKeyInfoInformation about a PGP key
 CPgpUidPGP User ID
 CPopAccountDataPOP-specific Account data -
 CPopAuthPOP authentication multiplexor
 CPopCachePOP-specific email cache
 CPopEmailDataPOP-specific Email data -
 CProgressA progress bar
 CQClassStyle of quoted text
 CQueryAn entry from an external address-book
 CRangeRegexRegular expression representing a range
 CRegexCached regular expression
 CRegexListNodeList of regular expressions
 CRemailerA Mixmaster remailer
 CReplaceListNodeList of regular expressions
 CResizeKeep track of screen resizing
 CRfc1524MailcapEntryA mailcap entry
 CRfc2231ParameterMIME section parameter
 CSaslSockDataSASL authentication API
 CSbEntryInfo about folders in the sidebar
 CScoreScoring rule for email
 CSeqsetIteratorUID Sequence Set Iterator
 CSha1CtxCursor for the SHA1 hashing
 CSmimeCommandContextData for a SIME command
 CSmimeKeyAn SIME key
 CStateKeep track when processing files
 CSyntaxHighlighting for a line of text
 CSysExitsLookup table of error messages
 CTagNodeLinkedList Tag Element
 CtimespecTime value with nanosecond precision
 CTlsSockDataTLS socket data
 CTunnelSockDataA network tunnel (pair of sockets)
 CTzList of recognised Timezones
 CUrlA parsed URL proto://user:password@host:port/path?a=1&b=2
 CUrlQueryStringParsed Query String
 CValidateHeader cache validity