Source tags generator

ctags generates tags files that your editor can use to lookup symbols in the source: all the functions, structs, global variables, etc.

It can be run:

# Recursively
ctags -R .

# On specific files
ctags source1.c source2.c

Unfortunately, that will include some source that isn’t useful. Using find can help exclude some files and directories:

find . -name '*.[ch]' ! -path './autosetup/*' ! -path './test/*' ! -path './docs/*' ! -path './pgp*.c' | cut -b3- | xargs ctags

ctags can also extract certain types of information. This can be useful for analysis of the code.

ctags -R -x --c-kinds=f   . > functions.txt
ctags -R -x --c-kinds=gsu . > structs.txt
ctags -R -x --c-kinds=v   . > variables.txt

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