Making NeoMutt

How NeoMutt Assembles the Source

The NeoMutt build relies on a lot of pre-/post-processing.

The diagrams below shows how the code and docs fit together.

make make


  • Ellipse : source file
  • Square : action
    • Blue square : normal command
    • Green square : NeoMutt script/command
  • Red dot : action is dependent on the environment (OS, libs, etc.)
  • Green star : action is dependent on user configuration
  • {Braces} : multiple files follow this pattern

Source Code:

  • compulsory : always compiled into NeoMutt
  • conditional : depends on user config
  • environmental : depends on OS’s available libraries
  • generated : created from other files
  • shared : used in multiple places

Diagram Source:

Render the diagrams with the dot command:

dot -Tsvg make-code.gv > make-code.svg
dot -Tsvg make-docs.gv > make-docs.svg

(from the graphviz package)

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