Code coverage tests


This action performs coverage tests on the code and uploads the results to the Coveralls service which stores the results and generates pretty graphs.

The coverage tests don’t cover the entire codebase, just 13 libraries:

  • address - Email Address Handling
  • color - Colour handling code
  • compress - Data compression
  • config - User configurable variables
  • core - Backbone objects of NeoMutt
  • editor - Select a Mailbox from a list
  • email - Structs that make up an email
  • imap - IMAP network mailbox
  • mutt - Shared code for handling strings, files, dates, etc
  • notmuch - Notmuch virtual mailbox type
  • parse - Text parsing functions
  • pattern - Match patterns to emails
  • store - Key value store

Learn how the coverage tests are performed

See, How to build NeoMutt


  • Build Neomutt
  • Build Tests
  • Make Coverage
  • Upload results to Coveralls

Action Details

Key Description Details
Trigger Schedule Mondays at 3am
Trigger Workflow (manual)
Uses GitHub’s checkout action
Uses Hendrik Muhs’ ccache-action
Uses Simen Bekkhus’ cpu-cores action
Uses Coverall’s github-action
Runs-on ubuntu-latest neomutt/ubuntu

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