Issue Labels

Labelling of GitHub issues

When someone raises an issue it will be given one of these tags:


  • type:bug Something broken
  • type:enhancement An improvement of an existing feature
  • type:question A question about NeoMutt

Help NeoMutt

Would you like to help NeoMutt? Start here:

  • help-wanted Please help with this issue

  • good-first-issue Suitable for a first-time contributor

  • hacktoberfest NeoMutt welcomes new coders

  • mentor Help is available with this issue


It may be given one of these tags:

  • bug:confirmed A NeoMutt developer can repeat this issue (See this mailinglist-post for what that means)
  • bug:crash Bug causes NeoMutt to crash
  • bug:regression This problem has been fixed before (See this mailinglist-post for what that means)
  • bug:upstream Also exists in upstream Mutt

  • docs:code Related to the Doxygen Documentation embedded in the code
  • docs:manual Related to the NeoMutt Guide
  • docs:website Related to the Website

  • difficulty-easy Suitable for a new NeoMutt developer
  • difficulty-hard Hard task, postponed for now

  • needs:decision A decision must be made before continuing
  • needs:info-from-user The user needs to provide some more info

Specific to a distro

  • distro:arch Arch Linux
  • distro:debian Debian
  • distro:fedora Fedora

Issue has attachments

  • has:backtrace A backtrace/callstack
  • has:config Sample NeoMutt config
  • has:logs Log files
  • has:patch A patch
  • has:screenshot A screenshot


For issues concerning:

  • topic:automation Automation / Travis
  • topic:autosetup Autosetup or TCL
  • topic:build-process Building the source code
  • topic:code-docs Documentation embedded in the code
  • topic:coding-style Style of the source code
  • topic:config-file Configuration file
  • topic:design Design of NeoMutt
  • topic:imap IMAP
  • topic:lua-scripting Lua Scripting
  • topic:notmuch Notmuch search engine
  • topic:project-management Management of the NeoMutt project
  • topic:refactoring Refactoring the code
  • topic:security Security / safety
  • topic:stability Stabilty
  • topic:testing Testing of NeoMutt
  • topic:translation Translation into other languages


  • status:discuss Your views/opinions are requested
  • status:in-progress Work has started on this issue
  • status:new-bug New, possibly unconfirmed, bug
  • status:ready Work is ready for review
  • status:blocked Waiting for another issue to be solved first

Closing the issue

It will probably be closed with one of these tags:

  • closed:duplicate A report already exists for this issue
  • closed:fixed The bug has been fixed
  • closed:not-a-bug This is the intended behaviour
  • closed:wontfix This issue will not be fixed

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