List of GitHub Repositories

This is a list of all the Git repositories in the NeoMutt GitHub Project.

Repository Description
acutest Simple (single header) C/C++ unit testing facility.
arch Ideas for a new mutt architecture
aur-build Arch Linux User Repository for NeoMutt
aur-docker Docker image to test an AUR package build
autosetup A better, faster autoconf replacement
coccinelle Coccinelle Scripts
code Doxygen docs auto-generated from the source code
completion-api A new touch to the completion system of neomutt.
copr-neomutt Automated rpm builds for Fedora/RHEL
corpus-address Test data for fuzzing
docbook DocBook manual experiments
flatcap-brain-dump 4 years’ worth of ideas – unsorted and most likely meaningless to anyone but @flatcap
flatcap-vim Vim Syntax file for NeoMutt (work in progress)
gentoo-neomutt Automated builds for Gentoo
gfx Assorted images that don’t have a home yet.
homebrew-core Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS
homebrew-neomutt Automated builds for OS X
lua-samples Sample C code to interact with LUA Scripts
management Automation scripts and notes
muttrc-mode-el Emacs major mode for editing muttrc
neo-bot IRC bot for #neomutt
neomutt-contrib User Contributions to NeoMutt
neomutt-docs Documentation for Neomutt
neomutt-old Retired branches of NeoMutt
neomutt-test-files Files and directories for NeoMutt’s build test.
neomutt Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – IRC: #neomutt on NeoMutt web pages
neomutt.vim vim syntax for neomuttrc
panel-manager Mock-up of a panel manager for mutt
sample-data Lists of things. Useful for developing and testing.
sample-mail Sample mailboxes and config for testing
samples Sample config
travis-build Control the Travis builds more transparently
upstream-mutt Mirror of upstream Mutt
vim The official Vim repository

Test Repos

Repository Description
test-ansi Some experiments with ANSI escape sequences
test-attach Test code for fork and file management
test-config-split Which config should be Account- or Mailbox-specific and which global?
test-config Test code for a new config system
test-doc Some experiments with docs
test-docker Docker experiments
test-expando Test code for a mutt_expando_format() replacement
test-jekyll Empty template for GitHub pages
test-library Sample code to test the NeoMutt libraries
test-logging Test code for a logging replacement
test-render Test code for parsing colour/attr config
test-token Test to split up mutt_extract_token()

Archived Repos

Repository Description
community Birds-eye view of the Mutt Community
integration Patch sets for downstream distros
release How to make a NeoMutt Release
sidebar-history Old versions of mutt-sidebar

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