This is a Work in Progress

Closed and stalled discussions on GitHub

NeoMutt is very popular and its users come up with lots of great new ideas.


Unfortunately NeoMutt’s development team is quite small, so they can’t implement everything.

Below is a list of the issues where either the developers have no interest in or can’t help with.

They are closed for now, but they can be re-opened if someone volunteers to do the work. Help will be freely given to volunteers. Issues where the result is hard to achieve are labeled with difficulty-hard. Please note, those hard issues are intentionally closed – they are sometimes demotivating due to its difficulty.

#741 add Memory Hole support to protect metadata

Encryption scheme that hides the subject.

Raised by libBletchley – Result: no interest

#678 Give line number to $editor with $edit_headers

Pass the line number to the editor, of the first line of the body.

Raised by @qsuscsResult: no interest

#658 feature request: using $my_vars in macro <shell-escape>’s

Expand config variables in shell command lines

Raised by @demureResult: hard, may be possible in future using lua

#587 Better support for multipart/alternative?

Allow better nesting of mime parts

Raised by @mrzoolResult: desired, no interest

#550 PR: Show alternating padding in help menus

Show lines of dots in rows in the help page to assist reading.

Raised by @sominiResult: hard, need better colour support in help

#535 Could ‘^g’ be remapped?

Allow the ‘abort’ key to be remapped

Raised by @AlokResult: no interest

#504 imap: Mutt should handle dropped connections/routing problems gracefully.

Make IMAP able to handle dropped connections

Raised by @toogleyResult: desired, hard

#469 Wish: more intelligent pasting

Respect the escape sequences for bracked paste mode

Raised by @phmarekResult: no interest

#468 Stop asking for “Exit Mutt?”

Copy vim: don’t try to exit on Ctrl-C, but tell the user what they need to know

Raised by @tdehaezeResult: desired, no interest

#467 Use cp1252 instead of iso-8859-1

Workaround some bad mailers sending cp1252 chars as iso-8859-1

Raised by @gahr on 2017-03-14 – Result: low risk, charset-hook workaround

#464 Limit or search by alias

Add the ability to limit, or search, the index by an alias

Raised by @mingsuResult: no interest

#404 Use of gpg’s group option

Use a GPG feature to allow encrypting to groups

Raised by @Polichronucci on 2017-02-17 – Result: no interest

#394 syntax highlighting inside mails

Allow flexible highlighting of emails

Raised by @toogley on 2017-02-13 – Result: hard due to mutt’s colour handling

#367 imap4 partial fetch request

Save bandwidth by only fetching a section of the index

Raised by @rusnasonov on 2017-02-07 – Result: desired, hard

#355 Danger: DMARC about to kill mailing list experience

Mailing lists don’t play well with DMARC

Raised by @nobrowser on 2017-02-02 – Result: not much we can do

#324 hcache: keep multiple mailbox caches open concurrently

Keep multiple hcache files open

Raised by @sassmann on 2017-01-24 – Result: hard work, need evidence of slowness first

#322 tag-thread in pager mode

Allow tagging of threads when in the pager

Raised by @VinceTT on 2017-01-24 – Result: desired, no interest

#321 use a modern build system like cmake // refactor autotools toolchain

Replace autotools build system

Raised by @toogley on 2017-01-24 – Result: easy, but too many potential problems for distros

#315 %F should display all participants

Display all the participants of an email in the index

Raised by @guiniol on 2017-01-22 – Result: no interest, wait for scripting?

#314 Thread summary instead of showing the first email when folded

Custom display of a folded collapsed thread

Raised by @guiniol on 2017-01-22 – Result: no interest, wait for scripting?

#309 Mouse support under terminals?

Support mouse clicks in the index, sidebar, etc

Raised by @Chinggis6 on 2017-01-20 – Result: not too hard, low prority

#294 Have the keymap functions accept arguments

Allow some functions to accept arguments, e.g. :exec shell-escape "uname -a"

Raised by @guyzmoResult: desired, no interest

#277 Subject separate from tree?

Create index_format expandos to display just the tree and just the subject

Raised by @iKarithResult: desired, no interest

#273 Bindable command to unsubscribe from a mailing list

Command to (un)subscribe to/from mailing lists

Raised by @nobrowser on 2016-12-28 – Result: non-trivial, no interest

#265 influence which mail in a collapsed thread that is used to represent the thread

Pick an email to represent a collapsed thread

Raised by @quite on 2016-12-08 – Result: no interest, wait for scripting?

#254 Moving messages to trash is slow

Get IMAP to delete emails (move to trash)

Raised by @darnir on 2016-11-22 – Result: desired, hard

#247 some highlighting rules leave an ugly box around the tree symbol

Colour bleeding due to NeoMutt’s handling of colours.

Raised by @qwence on 2016-11-17 – Result: repeatable, very hard to fix

#225 keywords patch and IMAP FLAGS?

Store keywords/tags in the IMAP flags

Raised by @lrosenman on 2016-11-08 – Result: not a good idea, alternatives are being worked on

#213 Provide an alias for pgp_sign_as

Create an synonym for pgp_sign_as

Raised by @agx on 2016-10-25 – Result: no interest

#196 Feature: save-attach-hook

Choose attachment save dir by hook

Raised by @RichiH on 2016-10-15 – Result: desired, no interest

#194 ability to set attach-file starting directory and save-entry destination directory

Add options to configure attachment browser start dir

Raised by @4nd3r on 2016-10-11 – Result: no interest, macro workaround

#192 different sorting for attachment browser

Create a separate sort option for the attachment browser

Raised by @4nd3r on 2016-10-11 – Result: no interest

#171 Add placeholder to display the list of participants in a folded thread in index_format

When a thread is folded, display all the participants in the address field

Raised by @guiniol on 2016-10-03 – Result: desired, wait for scripting?

#150 Trash improvements

Better handling of deleted emails, modification of flags / headers

Raised by @4nd3r on 2016-09-18 – Result: desired, hard

#149 Feature request: crypt-autoselectkey

Add variable crypt_autoselectkey, which allows forcing neomutt to autoselect a
key when only (a trusted) one is available in the “PGP keys matching …” menu.

Raised by @dannyobResult: desired, no interest

#131 notmuch: add modify-thread-labels

Extend the workflow of quasi-delete

Raised by @guiniol on 2016-09-07 – Result: no interest

#126 ignore / kill thread

All the user to mute (ignore/hide) all/part of a thread

Raised by kronat on 2016-08-30 – Result: desired, hard

#109 feature-request - make index_label take support pattern

Add a regex to the index_label color object

Raised by @antognolliResult: no interest

#105 notmuch entire-thread outside a virtual folder

Locate all the messages in a thread of the given message

Raised by @a3nmResult: no interest

#99 Add support for proxy

Let NeoMutt use a socks5 proxy

Raised by @pickfire on 2016-08-12 – Result: no interest

#98 Save or restricted sync

Partial synchronisation of mailbox changes

Raised by @RichiH on 2016-08-11 – Result: hard, not well-defined

#93 Open attachments in the background

Fork a new process to avoid NeoMutt waiting for an attachment viewer

Raised by @RichiHResult: desired, too busy

#85 Neomutt true colors support

Allow full 24-bit (rgb) colours in Mutt

Raised by @pickfire on 2016-07-22 – Result: very hard

#83 Crash when using Torify and NeoMutt (Bug)

Using Torify causes NeoMutt to crash

Raised by @flatcap on 2016-07-21 – Result: feature disabled otherwise safe to use

#72 Get message-id after send

Extract message-id of last-sent email (when using command line)

Raised by @ymuv on 2016-07-08 – Result: not enough interest

#69 Option for robust macros with shell-escapes

Ideas to make macros more reliable and predictable

Raised by @scottkostyResult: desired, no interest

#67 Mailto handling

Handle mailto: links from external sources

Raised by cryptomaniac512 on 2016-07-04 – Result: hard to do portably

#64 using bright in index makes all index bright (Bug)

Colour bleeding due to NeoMutt’s handling of colours.

Raised by @4nd3r on 2016-06-28 – Result: repeatable, very hard to fix

#56 Vi-key bindings for mutt

Make NeoMutt more Vim-like

Raised by @pickfire on 2016-06-20 – Result: some bindings implemented, some changes to NeoMutt required for better emulation

#47 Rolling Releases (bleeding edge)

Distribute NeoMutt as a always-stable rolling release

Raised by @flatcap on 2016-06-14 – Result: hard to maintain, feature/bug-fix cadence adopted

#28 Patch Tree Proposal

Distribute NeoMutt as a set of feature patches

Raised by @flatcap on 2016-05-20 – Result: hard to maintain, no interest

#5 24bits (true color) support

Allow full 24-bit (rgb) colours in Mutt

Raised by timofonic on 2016-03-17 – Result: very hard

#3 fuzzy address lookup

Allow Mutt to get its address book from an alternate source

Raised by @257 on 2016-03-15 – Result: hard

#2 send commands to remote instance

Be able to “drive” mutt from other programs, mailto:

Raised by @257 on 2016-03-15 – Result: hard, would require lots of work

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