Event-Driven Sidebar

A scheme for an event-driven Sidebar


This guide will show all the stages in setting up the Sidebar in an event-driven NeoMutt. It will list all the objects, their owners, and all the possible events that could affect the Sidebar.

Set Up

NeoMutt initialised

  • config read
  • sidebar init called
    • register config
    • register colours
    • register commands
    • register functions
  • root windows created


  • open mailbox
  • start index dialog

  • create dialog
    • create containers
    • create index, index bar
    • create pager, pager bar
    • create sidebar
      • create window
      • attach data
      • set up observers
  • attach data to dialog
  • create MailboxView, notify
    • sidebar will observe
  • create EmailViews, notify

Data Required

  • SidebarView
  • Account List
  • Mailbox List for each Account
  • MailboxView for each Mailbox
  • SBEntries[]
  • Index markers (4)


All events begin in the event loop which waits for external events to happen. e.g.

  • Key presses are converted into functions
  • Terminal resize causes the Root Window to be resized

Anything that causes a change to a Subject (Data, View, Window, etc) will cause a notification to be sent out. The observer can then respond.

Note: The observer doesn’t take action yet. That will happen in the reflow or recalc stages.

After the event has been processed, the screen panels will be given a chance to refresh themselves. This happens in three stages:

  • :left_right_arrow: Reflow: If any windows have changed, the layout will be recalculated.
    Any Windows that are resized will be notified.

  • :gear: Recalc: If any Data has changed, the panels can recalculated what’s needed to refresh the screen.
    This step may be time-consuming.

  • :paintbrush: Repaint: This step should be an instantaneous redrawing of the panel.


Below is an exhaustive list of every event that affects the Sidebar.

Data/View Changes

Data/View Change Affects Result
Account new Displayed text :gear: recalc
Account change Displayed text :gear: recalc
Account deleted Displayed text :gear: recalc
AccountView changed Displayed text :gear: recalc
Mailbox new Displayed text :gear: recalc
Mailbox changed Displayed text :gear: recalc
Mailbox deleted Displayed text :gear: recalc
MailboxView changed Displayed text :gear: recalc

Config Changes

Config Change Affects Result Notes
ascii_chars Divider :paintbrush: repaint Unless character changes width
folder Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_component_depth Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_delim_chars Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_divider_char Dividing line :paintbrush: repaint Unless character changes width
sidebar_folder_indent Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_format Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_indent_string Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_new_mail_only Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_next_new_wrap Behaviour :heavy_check_mark: none  
sidebar_non_empty_mailbox_only Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_on_right Window position :paintbrush: repaint See: Window position
sidebar_short_path Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_sort_method Displayed text :gear: recalc  
sidebar_visible Window visibility :left_right_arrow: reflow See: Window become visible/hidden
sidebar_width Window size :left_right_arrow: reflow See: Window narrow/widen
spoolfile Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint  

Colour Changes

Colour Change Affects Result
indicator Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
normal Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_divider Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_flagged Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_highlight Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_indicator Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_new Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_ordinary Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint
sidebar_spoolfile Colour of text :paintbrush: repaint


Function Change Result Notes
<sidebar-next-new> Move highlight :paintbrush: repaint Unless highlight moves offscreen, in which case :gear: recalc
<sidebar-next> Move highlight :paintbrush: repaint Unless highlight moves offscreen, in which case :gear: recalc
<sidebar-open> Open Mailbox :gear: recalc It’s possible that stats will change for the Mailbox
<sidebar-page-down> Move display :gear: recalc  
<sidebar-page-up> Move display :gear: recalc  
<sidebar-prev-new> Move highlight :paintbrush: repaint Unless highlight moves offscreen, in which case :gear: recalc
<sidebar-prev> Move highlight :paintbrush: repaint Unless highlight moves offscreen, in which case :gear: recalc
<sidebar-toggle-virtual> none :heavy_check_mark: none Obsolete
<sidebar-toggle-visible> Window visibility :left_right_arrow: reflow See: Window become visible/hidden


Command Affects Result
sidebar_whitelist Displayed text :gear: recalc
unsidebar_whitelist Displayed text :gear: recalc

Window Changes

These changes are the effect of other events, e.g. resizing the terminal, changing config. In some cases the result will depend on the exact setup of the screen. When possible, the Sidebar will just be repainted.

Window Change Result Notes
Become taller :gear: recalc Only if there is more text to display, otherwise :paintbrush: repaint
Become shorter :heavy_check_mark: none Unless highlight is moved offscreen, in which case :gear: recalc
Become narrower :gear: recalc Affects sidebar_format
Become wider :gear: recalc Affects sidebar_format
Become moved :paintbrush: repaint If dimensions are the same, otherwise :gear: recalc
Become visible :paintbrush: repaint If nothing else has changed, otherwise :gear: recalc
Become hidden :heavy_check_mark: none Ignore :gear: recalc requests while hidden


These examples list all the notifications involved in some common tasks.


User sources a config file.


  • Config: color error white red
    Sidebar: No action (not relevant)

  • Config: color indicator white blue
    Sidebar: No action (sidebar_indicator is set)

  • Config: color sidebar_flagged black yellow
    Sidebar: Relevant, add repaint flag to Sidebar Window

  • Config: color sidebar_divider brightblack default
    Sidebar: Relevant, add repaint flag to Sidebar Window


  • :left_right_arrow: Reflow: no action
  • :gear: Recalc: no action
  • :paintbrush: Repaint: Sidebar is repainted

:bulb: Note: Repaint flag is set twice, but the Sidebar is only repainted once


User makes the terminal shorter.


  • Terminal resized
  • NeoMutt receives SIGWINCH
  • Root Window is resized to new dimensions


  • :left_right_arrow: Reflow: Window sizes are recalculated
    • Sidebar is now shorter, so notification sent
    • Sidebar decides that recalculation is necessary (highlight isn’t on-screen)
  • :gear: Recalc: Sidebar recalculates screen text and set repaint flag
  • :paintbrush: Repaint: Sidebar is repainted

:bulb: Note: If the highlight had still been on-screen after the resize, the Sidebar would not have needed to recalc or repaint.


The goal is to make the Sidebar completely independent. Achieving this would mean that a developer could then create a new panel without having to change large amounts of core code.

An independent panel would need to be able to dynamically define its own:

  • Config: This is already possible
  • Colours: More work is required to encapsulate the colours
  • Functions: Work is needed to make the functions extensible
  • Commands: Work is needed to make the commands extensible
  • Windows: Dialog/window notifications would allow a panel to insert itself into the window tree

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